Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Room Option

I am now just about 24 weeks, and I am stressing about the baby's room, and how I am going to decorate it. I want to get it planned out so I can register for the things I need. No baby shower has been planned yet but I know once the 1st comes, we are going to blink, and the baby will be ready to come.
I have been looking at HGTV's rate my space. and I found this design that I LOVE! Like I have said before I am not into the really girly rooms. I like when they are stylish with a hint girliness. When I found this one I fell in love with the curtains. The user did not say where she got them from, but judging from the pictures I saw from the rest of her house, she probably had them made when she saw the fabric. I have seen similar curtains from anthropology (which I LOVE), and Ikea, but nothing that matches exact.
The other thing I love about it is, in so many baby rooms, the design just screams from the bedding in the crib, overpowering the rest of the room. In this room the user said she got inspiration for the room from the curtains. But if you notice the bedding is really neutral. I have found this organic bedding I really like at babies r us. It is neutral, and at the store, it felt really nice.

I love the

I love the red accents.

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