Thursday, November 6, 2008

Updated Baby News

  I had a dr. appointment this afternoon and everything is still going really well. I am exactly where I need to be as far as size of my belly, and all the normal stuff. I go the results from my AFP test, and everything is normal there. We went worried at all about it, but, as my aunt Paulette so wisely said, your not worried, but feel so relieved when you get the good news.
 I am set to have my ultrasound on Tuesday, and we will find out the sex of the baby. I am hearing about 100% from people that we are having a boy, which makes me sad because despite what I tell people, I REALLY want a girl!
 When we find out what the baby is I will tell everyone the name we picked out!


Darcy said...

Praise the Lord for the AFP results, that's great news.

Here's praying that Baby Lee cooperates with the ultrasound and you're able to determine the sex. Are you taking your Mom and Jon's Mom with you???

Lee Lo said...

I can't to hear!!!!! Good Luck today!

Lee Lo said...

I can't wait to hear! Good luck today!