Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wii Get Fit Into Shape

We just recently got the new Wii fit. We got it on Thursday and I have only done it a few time, but it is AMAZING how my muscles burn after doing only a few minutes of it.
The cool aspect of this game is the features it offers. The equipment it comes with measures your BMI, (body mass index) and tells you how much you should weigh, and how much you need to lose in order to meet that weight.
It is an ingenious idea and we will let everybody know what the results are.


Kim said...

I almost fell off my chair when I happen to click on your blog and saw it was updated!!!! :) Glad you're back!

Jen said...

Oooh the wii fit is soo great! Me and Justin will spend waaay too much time trying to beat each other on the hoola hoops and the ski jump! Are you still working at Starbucks? With the new house that we're getting I'm needing to get a part time job and have like 3 sbux apps filled out sitting on my desk. Which one do you work at?

Jon and alyssa said...

I work at the La Sierra and Indiana store. Where are you buying a house?