Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Joy of Cleaning (or lack there of)

When I think of cleaning and taking care of my home I have this beautiful 1950's image in my head that I am going to be completely efficient and morph into this woman cleaning her house wearing a designer dress and a string of pearls. That is as far from the truth as ever!
Let's face it, I not the Suzie homemaker that I should be. In fact when I do clean it is because my wonderful husband has given a settle hint (never nagging) about the house being in disrepair.
Although, many of us married (without kids) women have a brilliant excuse, that we work just as hard as our husbands, and then have to come home to our primary job. But... It is just that, an excuse. I am more writing this for myself then to anyone else.
We as that call ourselves godly women need to have the mindset that we are helpers to our husbands, and need to take the chaos of work and completely separate that from home. That is where we come in. "Wives submit to your husband, as fitting for those who belong to the Lord." Col. 3:18 So, it is not only for the love of our husbands that we keep a home fitted for a king, but it is ultimately for our king.
Like I said, I am mainly posting this as a reminder for myself to keep up on the responsibilities at home, and to keep in my mind that this is bigger than me.
Okay, time to get off my pedistal and do laundry!

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