Friday, August 5, 2011

New Drive

This has been a big week for us. We got a new (to us) car!!! As you can imagine, things have been tight in our 4 door Saturn Ion. We have a double stroller that someone graciously gave us brand new, but we havent been able to use it because it wont fit in our car. We recently took it on vacation up to Morrow bay, and it was really pushing it with al of our stuff and the stroller. We went with my parents who took their trailer, so a majority of our stuff went in it. There was no way we could have done that trip on our own in that car.
So that really got us thinking about a bigger car. We went back and forth about what to get. Most affordable, economical SUVs only have 5 seats. We knew we didn't want that because we wanted to be able to bring people with us on trips and so fourth. A bigger SUV is much more expensive, and cost a small fortune to keep gassed up. Our next thought was a mini-van.
I have always been against getting a mini-van. Jon would often joke about how I was going to eventually drive a mini-van with our kids. I would always say that would never happen. But as we started looking for a car, it would come up as the most practical in space, gas, and price.
Well, last week, never happened because we bought a mini-van, and I'm really happy with it. I understand that for some people, it's not for them, but this is so perfect for our family.

It a 2010 Dodge Caravan

This is the first car both Jon and I have owned that has power windows! Lol!

It also has power sliding doors. This has been a HUGE plus!!!

I folded down the seat so you could see that our ginormous stroller fits with no problem!! With the crusade being next weekend, I am so looking forward to be able to pack what we want and need for the trip, and not just what is a necessity, and have family members bring the rest!

I am feeling so blessed that the Lord provided for us! We had just paid out car off in January, and were hoping to not have a car payment for a while. That didn't happen, but we were able to get our payment lower that our previous car payment was.

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