Monday, February 28, 2011

Fetal monitoring

I decided to take my iPad to my appointment today. I thought I would walk you through what I do 2x a week when I'm here.

-I start by waiting in a very warm waiting room where I obsess about if my blood pressure (my face gets really hot when it's high and I cant tell in that office).

-Then they call me back, (and about 6 other women) in to a large room with a TV. I get to sit in a big comfy reclining chair! They put 2 monitors on me, 1) for the movement 2) for any contractions. The last two times I have been here I have asked them to take my BP after because adrenaline is usually serving through my veins. It has been good!

-After that, I just sit there and wait till the nurse approves me to go. It has been really fast because the baby has been really active. I have been the first to be let go.

That's about it. It is kinda relaxing. I can't take Adah so I don't have to worry about her, and I sit with my phone, or iPad.

As I have said before, I get really anxious, and fearful. Through this I have discovered what spiritual warfare takes place inside me. I was prepared Monday when I went in and i was fine. Thursday I went in and had not been as prepared as i should be spiritually and i was a nervous reck.

Pastor Greg said in yesterday's message, that fear and faith don't mix, it one or the other. So i am clinging to faith throughout this process! And i refuse to let the enemy take hold of any part of my body, including my emotions, and fears.

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Location:Specialist Doctors Office