Monday, February 7, 2011

26 Weeks

Sorry it has taken so long for me to update. A lot has been going on since my last post and it has really taken a while for me to process things.

As you know on the 26th of January, I had a OB appointment, that I was pretty anxious about. Well, it didn't go so well... I was very nervous, and it showed in my blood pressure reading. I was sitting there shaking like a leaf, waiting for the nurse to take my blood pressure. She's a really sweet girl, and always small talks with us when we're there. She was so helpful to me when I was having my preeclamsia issues with Adah. She took my blood pressure, and said "oh girl, you need to lay on your side, your blood pressure is 152/100. Jon was sitting there and he knew that that reading was mostly because of how nervous I was. So I did. The doctor came in, and I knew he hadn't looked at my chart yet because he started measuring me, and didn't mention it. So I mentioned it to him, and told him how nervous I was.

He brought us into his office and looked at all my charts on his computer. He could tell that I was nervous. He made mention how bad my blood pressure got with Adah, and decided to take it again. Sure enough, 115/ 75, so he said it was probably from the rush of adrenalin. But because my blood pressure had been on the rise from my previous appointments, he decided to put me on medication, and come back for a check in the morning. I already had a ultrasound scheduled for the following week with the high risk doctor, he said he wanted me to see him also.

So everything went fine, I came back in the morning and the medication was kicking in because I was nervous, but had a great blood pressure reading. So in my mind, I was in the clear for my high risk appointment. So I though...

We went to go see this doctor, and let me just say from the beginning, I HATE going to this office. Not only is the staff really rough around the edges, a lot of the women coming in are there for fetal monitoring. Judging a book by it's cover, I'm thinking it's drug related. Sometimes it can be scary in that office, because again, judging a book by it's cover, their significant others look like gangsters. So needless to say, I never feel comfortable in the office.

We went in and they took my blood pressure first thing, and it was 150/ 91. Not good at all! Again they had me lay on my side and, and not 2 minuets later they took it again, and it was 138/72. Drastically different. But, remember, I'm on medication. So the doctor told me to up my medication to 3x a day instead of 2x a day. And... Starting at 28 weeks, I have to go to that office twice a week for blood pressure checks, and fetal monitoring along side my normal OB visits until the baby is born. It didn't hit me until the receptionist started scheduling all the visits. I think the fact that we have to pay a specialist co-pay for all the visits hit me harder than anything. Jon quickly reminded me that the Lord knows what he is doing because this starts about the time that our car payment (we payed off our car last month) would be due.

In the days after that doctor's appointment, I was really down. I was having a really hard time coming to grips with how fast this was all happening. I was really in denial. Then my mind kept going to the worse case scenario. Having a baby really really early. But Jon, and my Mom have been my so comforting and encouraging. The doctor has said nothing about bed rest yet, but I really have put myself on a modified bed rest. I have been taking it really easy. I will get up, and make breakfast, then lay down on my left side the couch, or play room floor for a while. Then do something else, and follow with laying down. And I am pleased to say it is REALLY working!

My mom and Jon have been doing a lot around the house which has been great! It is hard for me though, because as much as I don't like doing housework, I feel like I am taking care of my family. But now, I'm taking care of my family in a different way.

Adah has been so good for me in the last few weeks. I am noticing that because I am so stationary most of the time, she is more cuddly with me. A few times she has even fallen asleep on me which NEVER happens. She is always on the go, and I think that is because I am always running around. I though this would interfere with her and damage her in some way, but I feel like we are really spending good quality time together.

We have gone from a family that never watches TV to having it on a lot. The first few days were really bad, but I have been taking advantage of the play room and she plays while I lay there and talk to her, or play on the iPad.

So all in all, we are coping well with this transition, and this in my opinion is the Lord telling me to slow things way down.

Please pray for me.....

1) That my blood pressure would remain under control.

2) For my upcoming doctor's visits. This is going to take quite a chunk out of the week for the weeks up until we have our little boy. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing. My first fetal monitoring appointment is February 21st.


Rebecca said...

I know how all that monitoring feels. And I even think I know which Dr.'s office you are talking about. I think he's the only Dr. around that does that type of monitoring. I had to do NST twice a week my whole third trimester, too, because I have fibroids (which I didn't know made me high risk until a few weeks before delivery). While some of the other patients can get on your nerves and many significant others look like trouble, I actually found the NSTs to be relaxing. It was the one time I could just rest. You just lay there reclined in a comfy chair for a least fifteen minutes; I lot of times I would fall alseep. And you get a quick ultrasound. I have so many little pictures of Faith from those visits. It was a blessing in disguise. So enjoy it. Once you get out of that waiting room, it is really relaxing. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alyssa, I think about you so much, gotten updates from Jon but just now for the 1st time, sorry to say, read your blog....this post. I have read others...I will be praying for you and PLEASE call me if you need anything...I'm not far from you in work or home, so don't hesitate ok? Love you Alyssa...

Frau Guten Tag said...

I am praying!!

I HATED going to my high risk OB, I can't even remember his name, but his office was in Riverside, near Riverside Community Hospital. I am wondering if you are seeing the same high risk doc I did.....

Robyn said...

I will be praying for you!

Have you looked into the Brewer diet? Here is some information:

Dr Brewer states there is a correlation between the amount of protein you eat, salt and calorie intake with Pre-E.

Robyn said...

Did a little more research and this web-site looks easier to read and understand.