Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adah Update

It's been a while since I have updated on Adah. She is almost 11 months old and into EVERYTHING, but her favorite is the dogs water dish. I have made great use if the hand me down baby gates someone gave us! She is crawling so fast and I have a hard time keep up after her. She pulls herself up on everything, and I am thinking it is not going to be long before she is walking!

She has 4 teeth now, and they are coming in so fast! She is making great use of them with her food. She loves all kinds of food which is so comforting to me because Jon and I are both very picky eaters. For a long time, I thought she was going to be picky because she didn't like her baby food, but then I started giving her real food and she loves it! She must have a mature pallet!

She is still BFing a few times during the day. I would like to start weaning her around her first birthday, but I have to say I am liking that I can almost eat anything without gaining weight!

This is a dress that I made for her.

It makes me sad that she wants nothing to do with the headbands I have made her, or any headbands for that matter.

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