Wednesday, November 4, 2009


No, I am not a laundry lover by any means, but I know someone who is. That person now has a new blog! My mom!

I helped my Mom start a blog, by getting her started, now it's up to her to drive! She has yet to post on it, but I hope this shout out will put a fire under her butt.

At church, my mom is known as the laundry lady, so going with that theme, the blog name is

The postings are entirely up to her, but I imagine it will have to do with laundry tips, household tips, child rearing, and devotions.

Keep an eye on it, I'm sure she'll dig it!

1 comment:

kayellen said...

How exciting! I will stop by and say hi!

Oh my, I have never been a laundry lover...maybe I could use some tips!!