Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so excited to go to the Mission Inn festival of lights this year! I am even more excited because we get to take Adah with us for the first time! As a family, we use to go every year. Sometimes braving the ever so crowded day after Thanksgiving lighting. It is such a great Christmas spot, and we are lucky to have it right in our backyard.

Jon and I have been on a Sprinkles cupcake kick lately. Shortly before Chris went to heaven, he would tell Jon about Sprinkles cupcakes, and how much he loved them. So last summer we finally went, and we were hooked! Stopping by whenever we are in Irvine. Jon gets the Red velvet (in honor of Chris) and I get the pumpkin. They are so good!

Yesterday, my brother texted me to say that the Mission inn is opening a Cupcake and Cappuccino bar! I looked it up and sure enough they will! It is set to open December 4, just in time for Christmas. Its not Sprinkles by any means, but it is about 45 min. closer. Bring it on!

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