Friday, October 2, 2009

Autmn Organization

One thing I love about Fall is it motivates me to clean and organize the house before the holidays, and that is exactly what I'm doing! I am not by nature an organized person. My mom is probably laughing really hard right now. But with the baby, and not having a ton of time to devote to cleaning the house, my goal is to have a home for everything, so when I pick things up while cleaning there is no guessing where it goes. I am also going through and organizing the house to prepare for a yard sale that I'm planning on having. I started in the living room with a hope chest, I have gone through the rooms and closets, and all I have left is the kitchen and office. Those are two biggies by themselves. 

 I have been wanting to organize the pantry since we moved in, but haven't a clue how or where to start. So I researched online different ways to organize the pantry. I know I'm a nerd. A little google goes a long way! It's not a big space so I needed to make the space functional, and something I would keep up. So I have a category for each shelf. I started with my pad of paper and a pen. I numbered each shelf 1-8.

Shelf 1   Baking
Shelf 2  Breakfast
Shelf 3  Snacks
Shelf 4  Beverages
Shelf 5  Spices (On a separate page I listed all the spices I have)
Shelf 6  Bread (I put the peanut butter and Honey on this shelf for Jon)
Shelf 7  Rice and Grains
Shelf 8  Misc.

 I also did this because I was sick thinking I was out of something and realizing I already have 3 of them. Case and point, I discovered 7 boxes of the flavor packets for bottles of water.

 I did it shelf by shelf. I didn't want to pull everything out and Adah wake up midway, and have everything all over. I was able to finish it in about 2 hours, with the help of Jon and my sister who take great care of Adah.

 My next project is to go through and organize all the cabinets in the kitchen. It is going to be a big job, but I'm feeling momentum so I am going to try to keep that going!


My "Map" if you will.

My list of spices

 In my quest, I discovered 7 boxed of the water flavor mixes!

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