Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 Week Check-up...

  This morning Adah had her 2 week check-up with her pediatrician. First of all, let me say how much I love her doctor, he was my pediatrician, and he is so gentle, and you can really tell that he loves what he does! But, I also have to say I was a bit nervous about it, because the last visit we had was when she was 4 days old and she had lost more weight than he wanted, so we had to go in the next morning (Saturday) for a weight check. Also because I am nursing exclusively, so its all on me. My milk had not come, but by the time we got home it had and needless to say she gained 2 oz. by the time we went to her weight check the next morning. So all was well in the end but I was still nervous.

 Apparently I had no reason to be. She gained almost a pound, putting her at 5 lbs 2 oz. And to my delight, the doctor even called her chunky. She has also grown taller. She is now 18 1/2 inches from her original 17 inches! She is still a tiny monkey (Jon's words) but she is growing fast. The doctor even said that I was doing a great job with the nursing! 

 *Keep me in prayer, I have another doctor appt. on Thursday to discuss what to do about my blood pressure, which is still high. 


Kristin said...

Way to go on the breast feeding! It is a hard thing to do, but it gets easier. I am at 8 weeks exclusively breast feeding and it is just now getting to the easy phase. It feels good when you see them growing and you know that it is because of your milk. My whole family has your BP in prayer. Also in group time we prayed for you last week. Will you be at Koinania this week at my house?

Alicia said...

Yay for good news! Still praying for you girl!