Wednesday, March 4, 2009

L & D Hospital Tour

 Yesterday was a great day! Along with celebrating Jon's birthday, we went on a hospital tour. I got a brochure from my doctor and tried calling all day long to ask a few questions. But, no answer, and no call back. It was getting a bit frustrating. We were doing some errands in the afternoon, collecting everything we needed for my pre-registration paperwork, which included getting a piece of paper signed by Adah's soon to be pediatrician. He is a great doctor, and was my pediatrician so I was really excited we were getting to see his new office. His office was in the neighborhood of the hospital, so we decided to drop by the office and get the details on the tour.  Turns out we had just missed the women in charge of  the tours, so they told us at the hospital just as we would if we had spoken with her in the first place.
 Our biggest question was if my Mom and Dad could come. I really wanted my Mom to get to know the hospital too considering that she will be helping us during labor and all that fun stuff. So like that staff member told us, after a nice family birthday dinner, we went to the hospital family in tow. We were a little bit late, as usual, and as I signed in I noticed that most of the women there were not due untill the later part of April and beyond. So that right there was a sign we should have done this maybe a bit earlier. But it is what it is.
 The first part of the tour was watching a (really old) video of that hospitals procedures from the time you check in to the hospital, to the time you check out. Very informative. After the movie was over, the woman got up and started talking about the tour through the hospital. I noticed she looked a bit overwhelmed in the way she was talking to everyone. Then she starts talking about how big the group was, while looking at us, continues talking, and says she doesn't know of she will be able to get everyone in, still looking at us. Jon, and I got uncomfortable, but at the same time thought it was really funny.
 So obviously our question was answered about the family members, so they went their way, and Jon and I went on with the tour. In the tour I was getting really overwhelmed, for a few reasons. 1) there were a lot of people, and I get really claustrophobic. 2) the hospital was looking (excuse me for being so shallow) ghetto. 3) Everything was all the sudden happening so fast, I am going to spending time here to bring our daughter into the world here in more or less 6 weeks. So Jon held my hand tight and we finished tour. 
 After the tour, Jon being the man I love asked all the questions, and one of which I was really concerned about was the "father visiting hours." From the very beginning, this has been not a "me" thing but completely an "us" thing. So for them to tell us that after I have the baby and the father visiting hours are over Jon has to go home was NOT okay with me, and especially not with him either. So like I said Jon asked the questions, and he WILL be able to stay the night with us, and to make things better the first half of our stay we will most likely get our own room. On our tour I noticed that most of the women had their own rooms so that is HUGE!
 All in all, it was an eye opener to how our lives are going to change in a little over a month. We are both anticipating this transition with anxiety, and Joy, but mostly Joy! This is going to be a new chapter in the "Jon, and Alyssa book" and we are ready to take it. We have come to a point that she is coming whether we have all the baby stuff we need or not, and that is not going to stop us from fully enjoying this experience together.


Robyn said...

Glad you get your own room! That's definitely a perk as a lot of hospitals don't offer that.

Darcy said...

How exciting!

What hospital are you delivering at?