Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chocolate Night

 A blogging friend of mine showed a picture of her recent chocolate dipping get to gather, and at that very moment, I had such a craving for chocolate. Unfortunately, with me being the kind not to buy snacks, and candy, couldn't find any. Sooooo I did the next best thing, remembered chocolate night on a cruise we took Thanksgiving of 07. 
 I was AMAZING!!! You waited in a long line of people, and the beginning of the line was all of the chocolate creations they had come up with, and the second part of the line was all kinds of bakery things and all the chocolate you wanted, buffet style, and the third was an assortment of crackers and cheese and fruit. It was all so good. I specifically remember Jon grabbing some kind of truffle, popping it into his mouth only to realize It was a VERY strong rum ball. His face was priceless!

This was the Eiffel tower made out of white chocolate

This vase, also made from chocolate

I honestly think Jon could eat this whole thing by himself!

Jon couldn't help himself.

 IT was all so good, and something we will all remember about this cruise. I was saddened to hear the Royal Caribbean no longer does this due to the economy. It was all so memorable. 
 Oh, and did I mention it was at midnight?

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Darcy said...

Whatever that was, the tall tower of what looks like cream puffs that you said Jon could eat them all....looks absolutely yummy!!!