Tuesday, October 7, 2008


When I'm board, I like to search random things online. Most of the time it's not so random. I will look at clothes, house decor stuff, and the new favorite, baby stuff.
Our house has been kept in the true "craftsmen bungalow" style. I really like the style of the house, it was built in 1923, and has all the charm of an old home with a few upgrades. But, I don't feel like I really appreciate the detail in our home. So, one of my "random searches" was "modern craftsmen style homes" I was really fascinated. I think one of the reasons I don't appreciate it like I should is our house is an older version of craftsmen style so everything is really dark, the dark molding, to me, is sometimes all I think people see, because it is only thing I see.
My search brought me to a web site that had all kinds of plans for any style you could think of, with the floor plans, and the master plans for sale. The picture I found below was my favorite because it was almost our floor plan minus the kitchen, and Master suit (funny because we want to add one one day).
I have also been watching alot of HGTV, and I am IN LOVE with the show curb appeal. I mostly watch it to see what kind of land scape they are going to do. I am not all in to the going green thing, but one of the things I love about the concept is how little maintenance those plants need. The house that I found on that web site didn't have a lot of grass, but it did have a lot of random plates.
So, if we were ever to remodel our house I would make it look just like this.

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Jenni and Adam said...

I can totally see your house looking like this one...it wouldn't be that many changes to make it look like that either...I really like the porch!